Meet Aaron Barrett - proud Cornishman, dedicated lure angler, surfer and general all-round outdoorsman. You can add "stand-up guy" and "true gent" to that list too. We met Aaron in the early days of Anglers Only, hit it off straight away and have kept in touch ever since. We're honoured to add him to our roster of Anglers Only ambassadors.

Who are you and where are you from?

Aaron Barrett. I live in south-east Cornwall on a peninsula that's the closest land to the Eddystone Lighthouse.

In 10 words or so, what kind of fisherman are you?

One that never takes it for granted, I just love to be out there.

What might a typical day on the water look like for you?

Looking for new, quiet, difficult-to-get-to spots around the peninsula where I live, or out on the boat on the hunt for some silver bars and shark swimming.

Who taught you to fish?

I actually taught myself, but had a lot of help from people like Mr Gilbey and Steve Dean.

What was your most recent memorable day on the water?

Well, it would have to be the closest spot to where I live - it’s been on fire recently, producing fish on my first and second cast three days on the trot, resulting in some lovely fish and a lot of them. It’s great to see so much life around.

What’s your go-to set-up? 

Rod is always my Cobalt (cheap and cheerful) and my Hearty Rise Bassforce. I recently snapped it, but the very same day someone local gave me another, which was super kind of them.

You’ve got one day left to go fishing. Where and why?

Ascension Island. I’m sure there are so many cool spots, but I've always wanted to go there and fish for tuna from the shore.

What do you do when you’re not fishing?

Surf, downhill mtb, park skateboarding, wakeboarding, photography, freediving, list go on! I just love to be out there doing something, I can’t sit still.

Tell us something surprising about you.

I’m one of Jehovah’s witnesses (I bet you never saw that coming!) 

Where can we follow your fishing adventures?

Various ways. I’m not a guy that posts every day, as I’m always out and about rushing around, but I try to pop as much as I can, either on @lureperfection or @abwatershots (both of those are on Facebook and Instagram). Or you can add me as a friend on Facebook!

Tight lines!

August 20, 2020 — Rory Batho