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At Anglers Only, we make fishing apparel for life on and off the water - gear that is proudly designed in the UK by anglers, for anglers.

We're now on the lookout for people to partner with. If you share our unashamed obsession with fishing and you have an established presence online, you might be perfect for the Anglers Only Affiliate Program.

You don't have to be a social media high-roller to qualify. You will need to have more than a family-size network of followers though.

Perhaps you have a YouTube channel with a few thousand subscribers or an Instagram page with a sizeable, engaged following. Perhaps you're making moves on TikTok. You might even have one of those old-fashioned blog things. If so, you could be a good fit.

We can't guarantee that we'll take everyone on, but we'll certainly consider all applications. One thing we absolutely insist on - that you share our love of fishing and the outdoors, and that you're a decent sort of person.

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In simple terms, Anglers Only Affiliates get paid to pass traffic our way, if those people then go on to buy any of our gear.

Once signed up, affiliates get access to a bunch of creative materials (banners & pics, as well your own specific affiliate links) to post on your own website, blog or social media page.

Of course, affiliates don't handle stock or orders, or anything like that. You just send the traffic our way, we handle the rest and pay you a commission for your efforts.


Let's just say you're an affiliate. You place a link for one of our products on your Facebook page, your blog or maybe under one of your YouTube videos. Perhaps on this occasion you're linking to the GT Softshell Jacket.

A potential customer sees that link and clicks on it. "That's nice," he thinks. "Maybe I'll buy that one day."

The customer then goes away and gets on with his life. But at some point within 60 days he decides to come back and buy the jacket. You, having first given him the idea and sent him to the Anglers Only website, get 10% of that sale. The jacket is worth £79.99, so you get a commission of £7.99.

Easy, right?

Of course, it's up to you which products you decide to promote. You can choose anything you like from our store and generate your own unique affiliate codes as and when you like. 

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November 19, 2021 — Rory Batho