Rory Batho - Owner of Anglers Only


Welcome to Anglers Only

As you've probably worked out by now, we design and sell apparel for fishermen. We're a small company, based in Newbury, England. (That's about an hour west of London for anyone who doesn't know.) 

We started this business back in 2017, although it certainly feels like it happened a fortnight ago. Like many other people who launch a small business, we did it to scratch our own itch. 

You see, back then we couldn't help noticing that almost all the clothing made for fishermen was made by tackle companies. A lot of it came in green or camo only, and most of it didn't seem to represent the excitement or the ethos that many of us rabidly obsessed fishermen identify with. 

We wanted stuff you might be inclined to wear on and off the water. We wanted clothing that was both stylish and functional; clothing that you might wear while fishing, but would be equally happy wearing in the pub at the end of the day. 

And so, Anglers Only was born. Clothing made by anglers, for anglers.

We started with T-shirts and caps, but before long we were making hoodies, jackets, bodywarmers, technical wear and sunglasses. Our gear features custom-made designs, created either in-house by us or sourced from top-quality artists around the world. 

We're growing, but we're definitely still a small business. The good thing about that is it means we get to know our customers pretty well. We probably even remember what you last ordered. If you write to us to tell us what you think about anything we do, we'll act on it. If you have an idea for a design, or any other idea for that matter, we will consider it. 

Anyway, that's Anglers Only in a nutshell. For now at least. The rest is yet to come! 

Anglers Only