There are a lot of different lens colours on the market. Here at Anglers Only we stick to three main types, the ones we find cover all the required bases for fishermen. They are: blue mirror; grey and brown. Here's a very brief guide:

BLUE MIRROR - The base colour of these lenses is brown. The addition of the blue mirror provides superb glare reduction, while also enhancing colour perception and contour definition. Excellent for sunny but changeable days - the colour enhancing properties ensure you’ll still get superb detail even if the clouds roll over. Pictured below: Morus Polarised Fishing Sunglasses in Blue Mirror

GREY - A great option for anyone looking for a dependable all-rounder. The dark tint provides superior level of UV protection and glare reduction, without compromising on contrast definition. The neutral tone of the lens keeps colours true. Particularly good in very bright conditions. Pictured below: Alcedo Polarised Fishing Sunglasses in Grey

BROWN - Our brown lens provides superb contrast definition and enhanced depth perception. Colours really pop with these lenses. If you’re looking for something that will work in both overcast and sunny conditions, this is the one. Pictured below: Ardea Polarised Fishing Sunglasses in Brown 

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May 30, 2022 — Rory Batho