From aliens to zeds and everything in between, it's the definitive (sort of) guide to canal fishing in the UK  

A is for aliens 

American signal crayfish. On the one hand, bastards. Egg-munching, plague-spreading bastards. On the other, perch do seem to grow very big on these, sooooooo...

B is for bridges

Always, always, always worth a look.

C is for chunks

As in perch (usually, but other species may qualify) of respectable size and rotund proportions (see also F, H, U). 

D is for drop-shotting

Particularly useful around B & L.

E is for exercise

You'll get plenty of this if you're a lure fishermen plying your trade on canals. Fish won't always be where you found them last time. Keep moving and keep covering water, you'll find them eventually.

F is for fatties

Rude but affectionate slang for larger-than-average perch (see also C, H, U).

G is for graffiti

Usually of a pretty poor standard, sadly. See B for where to find this.

H is for hogs

More infrequently used, slightly American slang for above-average perch (see also C, F, U).

I is for idiots

The kind of people who contribute to P and R.

J is for jacks

"Is it a perch? Please be a big perch... nope, it's a pike."

K is for kayakers 

Take themselves quite seriously, don't they?

L is for locks

As long as the boaters are out of the way, superb fish-holding structure.

M is for Mepps

Because sometimes old-school is the only school.

N is for non-fishermen

"Caught anything? Are there fish in here then?" You know how this conversation goes. 

O is for open

Even during the close season (but not everywhere, so make sure you check).

P is for poo

Mostly dog poo. Not always, though - but let's not dwell on that...

Q is for quiet

Shhhhh. Let stealth be your friend - fish will often be right under your feet and tight up against the near bank.

R is for rubbish

Plastic bags, discarded tackle, bags of dogshit. Really quite a lot of this. 

S is for snags

Bicycles, trees and trolleys, festooned with all manner of soft plastics and crank baits. Goodbye ned rig #68.

T is for 'the track'

The deeper middle channel - often overlooked in favour of the near and far margins, and a great place to focus on when the water temps drop.

U is for unit

As in fish of really quite impressive proportions (see also C, F, H). 

V is for vermin

Rats mostly, but the occasional person too. 

W is for wasps

Slang for small perch. Not a derogatory term. 

X is for XL

Some surprisingly big fish inhabit our canals. 

Y is for youth

Canals are hard to beat if you're looking for somewhere to introduce your kids to fishing - cheap, accessible, rewarding and fun.

Z is for zeds

As in zander, the prince of darkness and a welcome resident in many UK canals.

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October 17, 2019 — Rory Batho