Anglers Only Bandanas

Some new products coming your way in Spring 2019! 

First up is something plenty of people have been asking about: bandanas.

We had some hold-ups with the original supplier, which really delayed things. We pretty much had to start at the beginning with someone else. Anyway, that's the boring bit. The exciting news is that we now have the first batch of designs in store now. 

Click here to see more pics and buy your bandana now.  

There are 3 available, with plenty more on the way. Of this first bunch, 2 are inspired by favourite lure patterns: green mackerel and red belly sardine. The other is our classic Zeebaars pattern. 

Loads more of these coming soon, covering more classic lure patterns. I've deliberately only got a few in each colour, so I can get an idea which ones people like before getting them in bulk. If there's a run on and you miss out, fear not, I can get more very easily. 

Anglers Only Bass Bandanas

What else? Sunglasses are in and should be live on the site in the next few days. I'm just waiting on cases at this point - once they arrive, I can get them all photographed and up on the site. So, for anyone waiting for those - we're nearly there, I promise! 

Anglers Only Optics - Fishing Sunglasses

Some new T-shirts and tech tops are in the mix for summer too. Graphics are all ready. All that's required now is physically getting them on the garments. Updates on that in due course. 

So, spring is here, summer's just round the corner, there's fishing to be done. 

Life is good, people. See you out there. 


April 11, 2019 — Rory Batho