Ardea Polarised Sunglasses - Brown Lens

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Ardea by Anglers Only Optics - premium-quality UV400, polarised fishing sunglasses.  

As with every style in the Optics range, the Ardea has been designed with our guiding ethos: to create top-quality gear that you’d be happy and confident to wear either on the water or off it.

This aviator-style combines a matte brown tortoiseshell frame with slick eco-friendly bamboo arms.

Our Ardea sunglasses are super-light yet ultra-tough. You’ll barely know you’re wearing them. 

The arms are made from dark bamboo, with stainless sprung metal hinges assuring comfort and durability, and the Anglers Only crest on the temple. 

More important than any of that is the lens of course. 

As with all models in our range, the Ardea comes with TAC polarised, UV400, Category 3 lenses. All of which means you’re getting a superior polarised lens that will enhance your fish-spotting powers, keep your eyes protected and keep you fishing in all conditions. 

Check out the graphic in the gallery for more details on how our 7-layer lens construction. 

Ardea are supplied with a microfibre cleaning cloth and EVA case.


Width across front: 140mm 
Length of arms: 140mm 
Height 47mm


BROWN (pictured here) - Our brown lens provides superb contrast definition and enhanced depth perception. Colours really pop with these lenses. If you’re looking for something that will work in both overcast and sunny conditions, this is the one. 

GREY - A great option for anyone looking for a dependable all-rounder. The dark tint provides superior level of UV protection and glare reduction, without compromising on contrast definition. The neutral tone of the lens keeps colours true. 

BLUE MIRROR - The base colour of these lenses is brown - the addition of the blue mirror provides superb glare reduction, while also enhancing colour perception and contour definition. Excellent for sunny but changeable days - the colour enhancing properties ensure you’ll still get superb detail even if the clouds roll over. 

Ardea also available in grey lens.


Sunglasses are personal. We get that. There’s no telling how well they’ll fit until you actually put them on. If you order these, try them on and decide they’re not for you, just pop them back in the post and we’ll refund the cost.