Meet Anglers Only Ambassador - Midlands-based lure angler and all-round top man, Jacob Stone.

People often ask us what the criteria are for becoming an Anglers Only Ambassador. In truth, the shortest answer is probably: be like Jacob. This fella has had our back from day one - a true fan of the gear and always happy to tell other people about it. We have a saying round here: "Jacob sees. Jacob likes. Jacob buys". 

Thanks for your support Mr Stone. It's awesome to have you on board. 

Find out what makes him tick in the Q&A below. 

Who are you and where are you from?

Jacob Stone from Rushden in Northamptonshire.

In less than 10 words, what kind of fisherman are you

All-round lure angler.

Who taught you to fish? 

I was taught coarse fishing by my old man and grandad. When I was old enough to fish solo, I ventured into lure fishing and never seemed to look back!

Most memorable day on the water?

Hmmm… probably when I was into deadbaiting. I was fishing a local marina off the river. It was windy as hell and I could just see my float bobbing up and down and it started to move across the surface. I struck into it and ended up landing my PB zander of 14lb on the nose. Still in search of a zander of that stamp again!

We all have a story about the one that got away. What’s yours? 

Easy. Watching a very large 20+ pike about to slide into the net and then seeing the lure fly past my face. Devastated!

What’s your go-to set-up?

For river fishing - St Croix trout series 0.5-7g, Shimano Nasci 500 reel, nano braid and a bag full of Z-Man lures. For canal fishing, - Major Craft Finetail 1-4g, Shimano Stradic 1000, nano braid and, again, the bag full of Z-Man lures.

You’ve got one day left to go fishing. Where and why?

I would love to go and fish for Nile perch! The fight those fish give, that would do me!

Species you’d most like to catch but haven’t yet?

I’d have to say tarpon! Again, those fish fight like stink and would love to have a bash for them if I ever got the chance!

What do you do when you’re not fishing?

Spend time with my family and watch my 6-month-old lad grow up way too fast.

Tell us something surprising about you.

Hmmmm. I had to have my appendix removed in Greece as an emergency surgery and spent two weeks in a Greek hospital!

Where can we follow your fishing adventures?

I’m littlestoney1990 on Instagram 

February 24, 2020 — Rory Batho