Meet Brett Davies - mighty Welsh lure-slinger and finder of specimen predatory fish. We've gotten to know Brett pretty well over the last year, having fished together a couple of times, which is why we're honoured to call him an Anglers Only ambassador. This is a man who fishes hard and laughs harder - a real pleasure to spend time with on the bank. And that's exactly what we look for in an AO ambassador. 

But enough chat from us. Let's meet the man himself...

Who are you and where are you from?

My name’s Brett Davies, I’m 31 years old, and I hail from the land of song - South Wales!

In less than 10 words, what kind of fisherman are you?

Three casts, no bites, move on. Repeat. Catch fish.

Who taught you to fish?

My father taught me pretty much everything I know about fishing except the discipline I’m in now - lure fishing.

Most memorable day on the water?

I’ll have to describe two occasions here as I find it impossible to rank them.

The first was a session at the age of 16 on the Specimen Carp lake at Anglers Paradise Devon where I landed a 24lb Common Carp, followed by a 31lb Mirror Carp called Aphrodite, the only named fish I’ve ever caught, and a fish which may have been older than me at the time!

The second was much more recently, where Adam Jones and myself managed 18  perch between 2lb 8oz and 3lb 9oz in two afternoon sessions on a canal system! A truly amazing experience! 

We all have a story about the one that got away. What’s yours?

Whilst fishing for live baits during a France trip I hooked what could only have been a 30-40lb carp on a very light float set up. I never saw the fish as it towed me up and down the dam wall, only for the hooklink to fail as the fish lifted off the bottom. Fifteen mins of strain followed by an afternoon of heartbreak! Although I alleviated that heartbreak by returning to the spot with a carp rod and a float setup employing some 15lb mainline, a strong hooklink, and four grains of corn. I managed a decent carp but it wasn’t the monster I lost originally.

What’s your go-to set-up?

I use various rods paired with a Shimano Aldebaran BFS XG. I chop and change the rod depending on the situation, with the St.Croix Legend Tournament Bass and the MajorCraft SpeedStyle being the main choices lately.

On the lure side of things, I’m obsessed with the Z-Man TRD BugZ and Finesse TRDs, and with good reason!

You’ve got one day left to go fishing. Where and why?

Fishing any venue for any species with my father, enjoying a friendly competition and sharing the sport we both love, just so I could smash him up one last time! I joke, he’d definitely win.

Species you’d most like to catch but haven’t yet?

In the UK I’d love to catch a decent Grayling on a lure. I’d also love to fish for Giant Trevally on foreign shores!

What do you do when you’re not fishing?

When I’m not fishing I’m either working or on the way to go fishing.. and that’s only a partial joke.

It goes without saying that I love spending as much time as possible with my awesome partner Derian. Although the fact that she’s well into a spot of lure fishing now does tend to lead to a fair amount of extra time on the bank when our days off coincide.. oops!

Reading, gaming and watching quality TV series are some top down time activities as well!

Tell us something surprising about you.

I don’t mind Marmite, I can take it or leave it.

And finally, where can we follow your fishing adventures?

You can follow me on Instagram @the.fishist. A YouTube channel is in the pipeline!

June 15, 2020 — Rory Batho