AO Pop Top - Cast Iron Bottle Opener


There are few finer things in life than a cold beer at the end of a day on the water. If you happen to be toasting a new PB, then so much the better. 

Get it done style with one of these Anglers Only Cast Iron Bottle Openers. 

You know how some things just feel right? A perfectly balanced rod and reel, for example, your favourite fishing cap or a fresh pair of boxers. 

Well, you can add this vintage-style cast iron bottle opener to that list.  

The design is based on the classic Crown Cork Opener from 1924. That means these bad boys are made the way bottle openers used to be. They feel perfect in the hand, they're built to last and they feel strong enough to lever the cap off K2. Rest assured, if you don't lose this bottle opener, it will easily outlive you. Plus, in time it'll develop a patina all its own.